Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Well, as my sister and daughter are so fond of pointing it out...I guess you can tell it's been awhile since my last post. (blush) There has just been so much going on this last year, it's hard to find actual time to write anything down! But, as I am fond of saying to others...."Sometimes, if you don't take time for yourself to rest in GOD, HE will lay you flat out on your back to make you look UP!" That being said, I had a jaw tooth cut out this morning, It wasn't pretty. It was cracked down the middle all the way down to the root. However, after five days of excruciating pain,(it WAS after all Memorial Day weekend when nobody is open to fix such things....Murphey's law and all that) the cutting out part was a relief!
The devil always tries to take away any joy you get by spending time with God's people in any way he can. Got news for you old can have joy in the midst of pain!!!!
Tony's last MRI showed something questionable around his port-a-cath. Well, knowing God has healed his cancer, the devil tried to scare us with the possibility of a blood clot, that if it broke loose, could go straight to his heart and kill him. Devil don't know us and our God very well, yet, huh, sis! Immediately called our closest and strongest prayer warriors, and at the end of Tony's dye scan yesterday to pinpoint exactly where and how big this clot had disappeared!
Nanny, nanny,boo-boo devil! Take that!!!! Happy, happy, joy, joy!!!!
This attack from Satan came about because I had just gotten back from a BFW ladies retreat in camp Butman up by Merkel. It was gorgeous up there! The weather was beautiful, got to meet some FANTASTIC ladies, and the Holy Spirit was moving through these ladies like a whirling dervish!
I got to see, feel and hear God moving in ways I have rarely seen before. (being Baptist, we tend to quench the Spirit a little.....okay, okay....a LOT!)
Had the absolute pleasure of being able to take my very good friend, Robbie Maass with me , and we got to bond even closer together. We were bouncing ideas and vision for our church off of each other all the way home! God has such wonderful things in store for us as we go forward into His Kingdom! We are STILL processing all the things GOD revealed to us while we were there,
and probably will be for weeks to come! We learned some very important things about ourselves while we were there, for example, how important we are to Him in His plan for His Kingdom, and I don't know about Robbie...but I finally GOT how very, very much He loves me and how sometimes He just wants to be close to me and spend time with me! And I'm NOT being selfish....He wants that relationship with ALL of His children!! Isn't that AWESOME????!!!! WOW! Okay, that's it . Now I'm going to sit back in awe and spend some time with my Father.
P.S. Here is a special shout out to our new daughters we acquired while we were there:
Amy, April & Brandi...."We're somewhere in the future, and we look much better than we do right now!" Love you gals!