Wednesday, September 12, 2007


As we were sitting at the Cancer Center again this morning, we were kinda talking about how far God had brought us on this roller coaster of ups and downs that they call "CANCER". There has been so much prayer go up for us, so much support given to us (not just emotionally and spiritually...but also financially) so much faith shared with us by others and provided by GOD. We talked about how Satan just loves to weasel in and plant little grains to make us doubt. Well, My FATHER tells me to be anxious for nothing! Tony cast aside any doubts he had, I held strong to what my FATHER had already revealed tome, and in to see the Dr. we went! Unfortunately, the Dr. had not received the report on Tony's MRI, because the dingbats in radiology had not read the scan yet! (but that happened for a reason) The Dr. started telling us what our options and his plans were in case:
1)Tony's liver showed little improvement
2)Tony's liver showed no change at all, or
3)Tony's liver had gotten worse.

I patiently sat there and listened to him make all of his contingency plans and then told him that all of that was going to be moot, because when Tony's results came back, it was going to show that his cancer was gone! The Dr. smiled while looking somewhat skeptical, and said, "we still need to make plans, just in case"

I told him that was fine, he could make all the plans he wanted to...but that I was telling him....IT WAS GONE! I said this with complete assurance in my voice, my heart and my spirit.

To pacify me, I think, The Dr. said, "Ok...there you go...I hope you're right."
And then we left the Cancer Center to call back later for the results.

We called back later to get the results, and Lo and Behold! The Cancer Is Gone!!!!

Now, we have been telling the Dr. all along about how our faith in God has been getting us through this ordeal. I told you the report was delayed for a reason....
I was able to state WITH CERTAINTY that the cancer was gone BEFORE we supposedly knew for certain what the scan the Dr. is going to wonder????? How did she KNOW unless it was because of her strong faith in her GOD? What a wonderful way to be able to witness !

For all of you who have been supporting us with your prayers, words of encouragement, food and finances, we cannot thank you enough! Please continue to pray for us until Tony regains his strength and is able to go back to work.

Father God, Thank you for completing the healing you began in Tony 8 months ago. Thank you, Lord for this experience, and for allowing us to grow through it and learn from it. We ask You to bless this testimony to minister to others who you send our way, and we will praise and glorify Your Name for it!


Blogger God's Warrior Bride said...

We said mountain be removed and low and behold the mountain was removed. There was never any doubt here!!! Wonder what that doctor's thinking now!!!

Amen and Amen!

5:04 PM  
Blogger Cherryberry said...

Praise God. He is truly THE ULTIMATE PHYSICIAN!!!!
I love hearing testamony!

12:32 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

YAY! A new post! Love you!

1:41 AM  

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